Contest Results

SOCAP project closure event in Tallinn

The contest has successfully concluded with more than 90 submissions from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Romania. We thank all the participants for the creative and inspiring stories!

It was a difficult task to choose the winners, but finally we are happy to present:

  1. Tiina Kislar from the Estonia with an article “Rahvusvahelises Spordi ja Kultuuri Liidus oma eesmärkide poole ronimas (Climbing Up Towards My Objectives in International Sport and Culture Association)” (30 points and the prize – tablet)
  2. Elza Helena Snikersproge from Latvia with an article “Kad vēlies izkrāšņot savu audeklu (When you want to colour your canvas)” (29 points and the prize – tablet)
  3. Piret Nutt from Estonia with an article “Unistustemaa Island (My dreamland called Iceland)” (28 points and the prize – smartphone)
  4. Gvantsa Ichkiti from Lithuania with an article “My volunteering Experience” (27.5 points and the prize – smartphone)
  5. Máthé Zsuzsa from Romania with an article “Getting out of your shell” (27 points and the prize – smartwatch)
  6. Aivis Pilegis from Latvia “Cik svarīga ir pilsoniskā līdzdalība? Kādi ir tās ieguvumi jauniešu ikdienā? (The importance of civic participation? What are its benefits for young people on a daily basis?)” (27 points and the prize – smartwatch)

and the winners from Poland:

  1. Mateusz Weczerek with an article “Lokalni detektywi historii (Local history detectives)
  2. Ewelina Gorzawska with an article “UŚMIECH I RADOŚĆ NA SZARYCH PODWÓRKACH
  3. Roksana Pawluczuk with an article “Dzień z życia wolontariusza (A day in volunteer’s life)


Contest rules are available here [PDF].

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