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Parliament of Children and Youth

Have you ever heard about being a young politician for one day? No? It ist high time you did! Parliament of Children and Youth is an annual event, the aim of which  is to find a group of the children and youth that feel the urge  to become a kind of an envoy just for a short time.  The aim of the event is to show young  people how  true politics works. Feeling like members of the parliament gives them an  occasion to spread democratic ideas during a discussion and make society more conscious  when it comes to the complicated world of law or economy. A discussion is always finished with a project of a law act
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Youth In Action

Młodzież w działaniu ( Youth in  Action) is one of Erasmus+ programmes.  In Poland, 2 branches of this organization are held – National Youth Meetings and international youth seminars
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Be present

I’ve been thinking what is our role in the society these days… Well, an embarrassing situation gave me a part of the answer. Last week I was on
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