Secrets of success in a small enterprise

Why do people choose to open an enterprise instead of getting employed somewhere? Is it a question of money, independence or maybe time?

I hope in the following few rows I will provide you some important information about being an entrepreneur. I am a student at the Faculty of Economics and everyone in my family wants me to be an entrepreneur and have my own business. About 2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to a 40-year-old successful entrepreneur from my home town. She leads a flowery in a smaller location near the city. She used to work at a bakery, but because of no time, she decided to make a change. A dressmaker’s shop was her second job and after getting to a top-level position she quit, again because of the lack of time. As being a mother of two children she chose to open a new business in order to have time for herself and her family.

She leads this business since 2010 and I call her successful, because from nothing she managed to provide some spectacular bouquet of flowers and decorations. This small business not only provides products and services at low costs, but also high quality. Many enterprises do the mistake of trying to gather as soon as possible the invested money back. In my opinion, this is not how a real, successful entrepreneur should think like. Creativity, innovation, positive thinking are the main elements that an entrepreneur should have. Those who would like to open a new business should be aware that an enterprise will need a lot of work and even more time and energy than expected. Being a manager is not only a question of profession, qualification or managerial skills. As mentioned, she did not have any qualification at this kind of job, but persistence, luckiness and hard work were the main elements that led to success. Believe it or not, but in the year when she started, other 3 flower shops went bankrupt. This suggests that she was first of all very positive about her future results, that is again an important thing.

I asked her to give some advice for students or maybe even future entrepreneurs and she stated that an entrepreneur should be persistent, because if one does not have persistence, he or she has nothing. It is very important to see the products and services from the perspective of the customer.

As a conclusion, I would like to answer the initial questions. In my opinion, frequently the reason why people choose to become an entrepreneur is the fact that they would like to have more money than before. But not everyone is aware that more money requires more work. I consider independence a little bit risky, because one has to give work for himself or herself and many people cannot do that.

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