You are in the European Youth Capital :)

Cluj-Napoca was the European Youth Capital in 2015. Having this special title was a unique opportunity for a city to demonstrate how  young people can bring a city alive through youth involvement and participation, youth-focused activities and creativity.
The project’s missions were to support youth organizations in their active participation, by sharing space, culture, power, work, joy, vision and common European values. With these values we can build a strong youth community, and this community has the power  to make a change. I think it was a very successfully project, because the organizers included Cluj-Napoca in the European network youth sector, they created a partnerships between local authorities, youth NGOs and other institutions with responsibilities in the youth sector, they created the necessary conditions for innovation and creative ideas, 2.000 volunteers were involved in the European Youth Capital project, many start-ups (NGOs, new companies) were created with the support of the program, and young people shared many things with each other by participating such as their networking, vision, partnerships, creativity and added values to Cluj Napoca.
It was a very good opportunity for us, for the youth, because we could get involved in many programmes and we could learn from others and from the experiences of other people, other cultures. Young people had the chance to become active citizens and we had the opportunity to meet organizations and NGOs, who work with youth and for youth. I didn’t know about these organizations until these series of events. I created special friendships and partnerships, I improved myself, I found out many new things about our youth community.
I wish to share a video about this and I hope I managed to raise your curiosity enough for you to come for a visit.
Cluj Napoca was youth heart of Europe for me. Thank you!

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