SOCAP – experience for life

I don’t know from what point I should start.

The project SOCAP was more than a simple project for me, was a life experience. I’ve learned and I was motivated to do more for the volunteering side, I was able to see from a different angle what volunteering is, how a person with disabilities can be a volunteer but also a person who need help from others. All the speeches I’ve heard was a lesson for me and I’ve decided to do more for my city. I’ve made friends and I think this is one of the most important things, we’ve spoken maybe hours how can we improve the enviroment where we are living, we discuted some problems our countries have. I’ve enjoyed everything from this project, I am very thankfull for it because I’ve discovered to have more trust in myself and to decide to change something first in my life, than to do a change for the good of others.

I’ve wroten this mail a bit later but the ideea that SOCAP was one of the best  experiences I have is a fact that will not change very soon in my mind.

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