My Experience : I`m happy and I dare to take on challenges that my life will offer me.

I do my EVS project in a beautiful city called Baia Mare which is located in the north-western part of Romania. Before coming here I didn`t know much about this country. I only knew basic facts. I had never been in Romania before and I even hadn`t hear the language but still for some reason I wanted to go there. I wanted to change my life and get new experiences. There`s no doubt that going abroad for 8 months is a challenge for me and offers new experiences.

I have gotten many experiences and developed myself during the time here. For me it was an experience of living together with four young people from different European countries. I have learnt about different cultures, learnt Romanian and practiced English. Thanks to this project, I`ve met many young people from different countries. Due to this I`m more tolerant of others. Being abroad has made me happier and more open.

I really enjoy my time here. The main activities of my project are teaching Estonian and English, assisting English teacher in school in rural area and assisting teacher in kindergarten. I like that I can manage my time and these activities. Besides these activities, I have enough time to travel, go out and attend trainings. I have discovered with my cool flatmates to other cities in Romania and even to countyside, visited other volunteers, explored Romanian culture and met nice people during this time. Many „things“ that were unfamiliar or weird for me in Estonia, are normal here, e.g. hitchhiking.

I have never regretted my choice to do EVS project in Romania. Now I can say I love this country, the city where I live, the people who are very kind, friendly and open and especially the people I work with. I`m happy and I dare to take on challenges that my life will offer me.

Liis Post

/January 2013/

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