Youth In Action

Młodzież w działaniu ( Youth in  Action) is one of Erasmus+ programmes.  In Poland, 2 branches of this organization are held – National Youth Meetings and international youth seminars . The aims of meetings of the youth and people responsible for the youth policy  are eg. to support cooperation between young people, international organisations , people working with young people in different countries of the European Union and decisive people. The law concerning important aspects of teenagers’ life should be attractive for them so that the representatives of governments are interested in their opinions. The needs that are presented by members are expected to be fulfilled after a successfully finished discussion. Not only does it offer  young people the possibility of  sharing their ideas but also gives some practical lectures on how to realize them in the future. After some time spent on making projects the skill of creative thinking and finding a solution to every problem gets much better.


National Youth Meetings is a programme for people between 15-30 years old or people working with such groups, regardless of age.  To such a meetings organisors invite the representatives of local authorities, experts on youth and institutions of this kind of activities.  One project  lasts between 3-18 months and is subsidized, even to 75% of the entire cost.


The organisation of International youth seminars is similar, but it is focused on international cooperation. The target group is the same, but the group must involve at least 30 people from 5 or more different countries.

Participating in such a programme guarantees developing skills connected with holding events, raising money for important, usually charitable  things,  and mainly, again –  showing young people how  they can present their needs to be fulfilled in the future thanks to their engagement. Having realized a project a participant  is ready  to defend interests of the youth and, if it’s necessary, to show disapproval of improper government decisions.

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