“Electoral GPS” offered by our partner – WeCitizens from Belgium

WeCitizens offered to the Belgian voters a popular tool, called the “Electoral GPS”, available in three languages (Dutch, French, English).

Voting Advice Applications (VAAs) have become a vital part of online election campaigns worldwide. In the increasingly complex world of politics, which involves new and complex issues, VAAs assist and inform voters by comparing their policy preferences with the political stances of parties or candidates running for office. The users of these tools mark their positions on a range of policy statements. After comparing the individual’s answers to the positions of each party or candidate, the application generates a rank-ordered list or a graph indicating which party or candidate is located closest to the user’s policy preferences.

On 26 May 2019, there were three elections in Belgium, for the European, federal and regional parliaments. WeCitizens’ VAA addresses all these elections, submitting to the user only one questionnaire. The user received nine rankings. For each election, there was a ranking of parties, of effective candidates and of alternate candidates (typical for the Belgian electoral system).

The tool is still available via : https://gps.wecitizens.be


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