Due to its international character project is organised by 5 NGO’s from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania:

SIC logo

Social innovation centre (Latvia, established in 2010)

The aim of organisation is to strengthen and disseminate the knowledge, promote the international and national experience exchange and establish the networking for social innovation. Three main areas of activity are (1) social entrepreneurship, (2) solutions to overcome youth unemployment and society challenges, and (3) civic engagement.

More details on the organization’s website.

CRIS logo

Centrum Rozwoju Inicjatyw Społecznych (CRIS) (Poland, established in 2002)

The main goal of organisation is to help other non-governmental organizations. CRIS starts and supports endeavors building a civil society and promoting a better democracy.

More details on the organization’s website.

Bridge logo

Bridge Language Study House (Romania, established in 2002)

It is non-profit, non-governmental association located in Cluj-Napoca and has branches in Satu-Mare and Oradea. The main field of activity is language education & examination, and EU projects. The very ultimate goal of association is to make a difference in Romania and to become a recognised centre of excellence.

More details on the organization’s website.


INVOLVED (Estonia, established in 2012)

It is non-governmental organization aiming at creating possibilities for life-long learning and fostering development of individuals and different targets on local and international level. Involved aims at more active participation in civil society, and works for intercultural learning, integration and migration, equal and human rights.

More details on the organization’s website.

Sveikatingumo idejos logo

Sveikatingumo idėjos (Lithuania, established in 2005)

It is non for profit organisation aiming at development of social, cultural, sports and economic projects in Marijampole district and international level. Organisation actively runs projects that strengthen the relations between neighbouring and more distant EU countries and candidates.


More details on the organization’s website.