Our next SIA4Y workshop: RIGHT OF ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATION in Louvain on 27th Sep!

As part of the SIA4Y project – Strengthening civil society rights by information access for European youth -, the workshop raises the ability of young people to have access to public information. It is organized by WeCitizens, in partnership with Université Catholique de Louvain and Transparencia. WeCitizens is an association promoting citizens’ participation in politics, enhancing transparency related to politicians.


Freedom of information is an important topic today, a fundamental right that allows control of public action. Through lectures, story-telling and practical training, if you want to learn more about your right of access to public information, this workshop is for YOU!

9h Welcome  
9h15 Introduction speech Jean-Paul Pinon
9h30 Citizens’ control on public action Jean-Paul Pinon
10h00 Access to public information in Belgium Prof. Schram
10h35 Break  
10h55 Experience of Transparencia Claude Archer
11h25 State of art in France Prof. Bonnotte
11h50 Experience of an ombudsman Bart Weekers
12h15 Completing the statistical questionnaire  
12h30 Lunchtime  
13h30 Introduction to practical exercises Jean-Paul Pinon
14h Quiz related to politicians JP Pinon / Carlier
14h45 Subgroups filing three requests through the Transparencia platform Claude Archer / Aurélie Carlier
15h45 Divide per table of max 5 persons: brainstorming about actions & recommendations Claude Archer/ Aurélie Carlier
16h45 Presentation of conclusions by each workgroup  
17h15 End  

No participation fee, but booking required (email to carlier@wecitizens.be)

Read and share full info here: I21-190927-SIA4Y-flyer-workshop-Louvain

Saturday, 28 September 2019 is marked by Unesco as 4th International Day for Universal Access to Information.


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