How to use is an online platform for citizens to send access to documents requests directly to EU institutions. is not an official EU body. It has been built by civil society organizations to help members of the public like you get the information you want about the European Union. It is as easy as asking a question.

This website will also make life easier for EU public officials because they will be less likely to have to answer repeated requests about the same subject: once a question has been answered everyone will be able to find the information stored on this website.

How does it work?

It’s very simple: you file a request with the EU via this website. YOu email is automatically sent to the correct EU body. They have the obligation to answer within 15 working days (about three weeks).

When the EU replies to your request, it gets published on this website and you get a notification. You get to say whether or not you are happy with the answer, to follow up for more information, or to file a confirmatory application (EU jargon meaning an appeal).

Everyone else gets to see the correspondence and that way they don’t need to ask the same question again.

Who can use

Civil society organisations, journalists, students and academics, whistleblowers and businesses might be especially interested in using the website to obtain information from the EU to carry out their work..or you might be a curious citizen! Every one of the 500 million people living in the European Union (both citizens and residents) has the legally guaranteed right to ask for documents from EU bodies.

Don’t delay: ask a question today!

Note! Content from the website: that our SIA4Y project supports and recommends as one of the Foi good practice for young people. 

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