Cannabis House Association

I’m going to present the idea which has recently been presented by the Cannabis House Association and which is now really close to be successful . The idea of the project realized by this organisation is to find a group of volunteers who would  smoke marihuana for 10 years under the control of the government. People under the age of 18 can also help with that project, but they obviously aren’t able to be guinea pigs- to simply experiment with using marihuana and observing the possible effects, but can share the ideas among other people and help with realizing some formal requirements. The aim of the project is to find out what influence of smoking marihuana  is and whether it can be used in medical ways or

not. The participants have to agree to be checked by psychologists and doctors so as to show how their personalities change under the effect of Marihuana.

I strongly believe that such experiments are definitely better resolutions than putting people to prison as a punishment for possessing a small amount of marihuana  for medical or recreational  reasons. Nobody makes people smoke so if somebody wants to do it, let’s make them free to do that. Many countries agreed  that using marihuana is less harmful than drinking alcohol- this organization wants to follow them in order to make the law appropriate for the current times .  The Cannabis House hope to find many positive results coming from using marihuana, which can also improve the economic situation of the country – raising money from taxes, decreasing the level of illegal drug business and making prisons empty for true criminals.

If marihuana was legal the designer drugs  would probably be forgotten and that’s how the government is able to save hundreds of lifes . This idea is definitely worth being concerned by the government that now is obliged to do its best, when it comes to fighting with these lethel substances, avaible on the Polish market.

Let’s not  be aware of showing the truth! – here You can get some basic knowledge about it.

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