Outside the comfort zone

A few years ago on autumn, I had opportunity to volunteer among disabled children for a week. Children welcomed with joy the new people, but I still felt a bit strange, because were many children with varied  diseases and I know very little about these. Maybe on the second day I had been more courageous, and I began too meet with them. A little girl was so attached to me, that she began to be angry if I catch somebody else’s hand. It was pleasure to see that every little thing make them happy, specially when we spend time with them.

These children require a lot of patience and perseverance, because for they to understood one thing  need to repeat 10 times not only 2 or 3 times. The staffs are always smiling, even if they had not a trouble-free day, they made that for children.

At the end of the week, at Saturday, at the ocasion of World Day of leukemia, we went out in town to hand out flyers and to say a few things about leukemia to the passing people. Many people just pas us by, but others talked with us with pleasure. On my opinion we do not care about thing that does not affect us directly. If sometimes we pay more attention to others, maybe we will have less time to complain. I have never done this before, but I really liked that they wanted to draw people’s attention in this way to.

This week is was so special and useful for me, we can learn very much from kids. I realized, that many time I am not persistent, and some people really deserve to smile every day. I think that we can give a lot and get also in the same time from our environment, if we exit our comfortzone.

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