Helping others is a beautiful thing. At such moments you realize that we really do not have any problems.

November 30th of this year I took part in volunteering. I worked with disabled children. It was nice to see how enjoy life despite their illness. They participated in various sports competitions. For nobody it was important that these competitions were very simple. For them it was a great effort. Physical and mental. It was nice to see the child enjoyed that he can throw the ball or score a goal to the gate. The most I remembered Caroline. This is girl with mental disabilities. She was full of life. She talks to everyone and invites him to dance. I never would have thought that possible even in such a way to help other people. I know I did the good thing going there. If in the future was still such an opportunity I will definitely benefit from it. Helping others teaches us humility. Only one day, and so much to me meant.

Help is beautiful!

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