It is difficult to admit to yourself that volunteer work in fact is a very selfish project. As a rather self-centered individual I have mostly done every volunteering project thinking of myself, my time, my kindness, my fun, my sacrifice, my food, my words, my wisdom, my intellectual property, my smile …. and the list could go on. But, ultimately, I believe at the bottom of the list one, and probably the most motivating factor, and the one that could sum all the above mentioned ones is MY GRATIFICATION.

This had always been the number one motivating factor. It had, however, triggered almost exclusively pleasant, and I would say, fruitful experiences. I have met many interesting people, less selfish than myself, and learnt so many useful things. In a nutshell, I have received more then I had given. I also like to believe that my contribution to all the projects I have been involved in had brought about some, hopefully, positive change in the life of the communities’ I have worked with.

With the risk of further boring the readership I will briefly enumerate some of the projects I have participated in, just for the sake of spreading the word: the Little People Association (https://www.facebook.com/LittlePeopleRomania), the projects and aid actions organized by the Franciscan Monks in Cluj-Napoca, and last, but not least, my good friend’s Organic Art Ranch (http://organicartranch.org). I strongly recommend everybody to visit these places and get involved in the projects they are planning, because they all guarantee quality time and unforgettable experiences.

Having said all this, I would only conclude with one short sentence. Volunteering for me is one of the best things my selfishness could ever encourage me to do.

7th of September 2015, Gal Dalma, 28 year old

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