Happy volunteering…

My experience in volunteering
This year I took part as volunteer in the Reformed Volunteer Days of the Carpathian Basin organised between the 1st and 5th of July and I was also volunteer in August, during the Holiday Kids Week organised every year by our church. At the Reformed Voluntary Days this year we painted the church gates and at the Holiday Kids Week we organised different creative holiday programs for children for example theater performances, coloring, teaching songs and so on.

Why I had chosen to involve as a volunteer?
I applied as a volunteer because I love to help other people and I like when they appreciate my work and my help, I am very happy to see on the participants faces the gratitude as a result of my work. For me it’s very important if people around me are always happy, and I will do everything to make them smile and laugh. Volunteering is also a good opportunity to make new friends.

What are the benefits of volunteering, why we should volunteer?
In my opinion it’s very important to volunteer, because I think we can learn new things. We can have a better understanding about people who are different in any way then us. As a volunteer I learned to work in a team and I am more responsible now and changed my opinion about life – currently I think more positively.
Volunteering also helps us to discover what we like to do. As an example I like working with children and I feel very good around them. It’s very important as a volunteer to like what you are doing.
I think volunteering is a very good way to spend our free time. I love to volunteer and I have very beautiful memories. In the future I’ll definitely attend other events as well…

I wish all of you happy volunteering!

Pericei, Sălaj county, 26th of August 2015

Gáspár Imola, 17 years old

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