Jurmala-Latvia June 3rd, 2015. Workshop „Creation, testing and analysis of youth understanding about social capital”

Me, Estonian participant was taking part on June 3rd 2015 at Jurmala, Latvia in the workshop „Creation, testing and analysis of youth understanding about social capital”. Participants from Baltic countries, Poland and Romania were invited to participate in one day meeting and amongst other things were actively having discussion on „What elements have to be in questionnaire to test youth understanding about social capital and civic engagement?’’. Contemplating two different parts for it, to be mentioned: civic engagement and social Capital.

The program started with formal meeting that included getting to know the participants and the organizations they represented. We, participants had to get to the bottom of the questionnaire that has been used as a model on based on two proven researches from Europe and United States and which consists of civic engagement and social capital.As the program continued we tackled the topic ’How opinions are gathered about specific topics in Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia” and how we can do it in effective way?, which gave different concepts and ideas leading to great discussions amongst participants who gathered in different groups. In the afternoon we had an NGO’s representative from Latvian Youth Center (Jurmala) where after presenting the work that is done in the field of youth work such us „How opinions are gathered about specific topics in Latvia in effective way?” also an overview was given about Structural Dialog examples in Latvia. At the end of their visit they also shared different activities they do in their organization.

A city tour of Jurmala’s sea side was an interesting part of the program called „Walk and talk” that enabled us to learn and view the city including a non formal discussion within partners involved on the most important issue: activity along the Baltic sea about social capital and civic engagement challenges with youth.

On the last hours as hard as it was to say our goodbyes… I was satisfied with the work we had achieved in a short period, the program evaluation promises a great continuation of the project during October 2015 in Poland.

Thanks to Civic Youth for the given opportunity and not only to develop myself, but also having the possibility of meeting colleagues, young people, educator and sharing common concerns and, seeing how they can be solved or at least try to find possible way of doing so. I’m sure that my sending organization will benefit from my experience and I hope to impact my peers in a positive way on youth understanding about social capital.

Here comes some pictures from the event :)

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